Automation Anywhere: Implementing AI and RPA to Prosper


Artificial intelligence and the branch technologies that go with it are growing in today’s environment. It is a widely known fact that the sustainability of business organizations is significantly reliant on technical developments generated by AI integration in business. Automation Anywhere is one such platform that uses AI and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to speed up and enhance corporate processes.

Automation Anywhere is a prominent global power in robotic process automation which is designed to offer cloud-native, web-based smart automation solutions for the empowerment of business operations of several companies.

Intelligent Automation Redefining the Businesses

Automation Anywhere, which was founded in 2003, has a long history of creating standards in AI and RPA adoption. The company also describes itself as a cloud RPA firm that aims to find, digitize, and automate intelligent solutions to transform businesses and organizations that meet the criteria for a modern and technologically advanced market.

In 2021, Automation Anywhere entered into a partnership with Google to develop RPA products, one of their praiseworthy achievements. The goal of the alliance was to expedite the implementation of RPA in businesses around the world. The collaboration opened up new job opportunities for those with experience in robotic process automation.

Furthermore, Automation Anywhere was a forerunner in transforming its business approach to cloud robotic process automation, revolutionizing the automation landscape.

In 2019, Automation Anywhere raised USD 290 million due to its innovative experimentations with RPA. As per the reports, roughly 53 percent of companies had employed RPA to accelerate their business operations.

Apart from delivering RPA based intelligent solutions to renovate businesses, Automation Anywhere also educates regarding the significance of intelligent automation. The company envisions a world in which automation is a liberating force for people, with intelligent automation replacing common activities and relieving the human labor of repetitive work.

The Path to the Pinnacle of Achievement

In the year 2019, Automation Anywhere raised USD 290 million in series B. Also in 2018, the company did the largest Series A financing rounds for a B2B software firm, a total of USD 250 million. Another USD 300 million was raised by the company from Softbank vision fund in the same year. This made its total fundraising USD 840 million and it is valued at USD 6.8 billion.

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