Automation Technology: The way forward


We have seen immense developments in every sector with the advent of technology. With every new invention, our lives have become a lot easier than it was before. Today we depend heavily on technology that a day without it is unimaginable, automation is present in different areas of life, from the self-parking car systems to the smart lighting systems or the automated door and windows, or the automatic garage systems. These are just a few of the automation applications available.

Automation is attracting interest from all corners of the globe because of its impact on the rapid reduction in human intervention. All of the activities are either completely automate or human intervention is reduced to the minimum. The ultimate aim is to make the tasks simple and effective.

We use automation on a daily basis. Organizations and workplaces extensively use automation. Some areas in the workplace make use of automation extensively, for example, chatbots, marketing, hiring, etc.


Chatbots are widely used by organizations, which have an online presence in order to improve user experience. Organizations have come to an understanding that it is impossible to employ someone to attend to the issues that the consumers face 24 hours a day and the majority of the consumers have similar concerns. This is why the use of chatbots is a better choice for completing the task effectively.


Assisting organization in automated email marketing helps organizations evolve and grow. Organizations use this strategy to mail newsletters or marketing promotions to their new and current customers. Some organizations use automation even to send follow-up emails. Thereby saving time, effort, and workload compared to the tasks done manually.


Hiring is a time-consuming process, mostly due to the huge volume of resumes to go through and to find the most suitable candidate for the job.

How this technology works

Despite people talking about how automation reduces human interactions, the fact remains that, designing automation requires human intervention, whether in the area of designing or supervising automation. Automation, to a great extent, is made possible through Artificial Intelligence which itself is a mimic of human intelligence. Machine Learning is an important area in Artificial Intelligence, which provides a strong foundation for automation. AI system is made to learn and then taught to predict tasks and outcomes. Once the AI system learns and adjusts to set the parameters, the tasks will be automated. Developing an AI system requires a significant amount of human effort initially but the results are incredible and worth all the effort.

Food, agriculture, education, healthcare, military, and many other industries use automation to carry out day-to-day activities. Many more industries will use automation to increase productivity, performance accuracy, and flexibility for the future to come.

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