Start-Ups In Mental Healthcare To Use Artificial Intelligence


If artificial intelligence is utilized to diagnose mental illness, the results will be more accurate, and psychologists will have an easier time finding remedies. It would be quite beneficial during the initial examination and treatment. Five such firms that are employing

Clarigent Health

Clarigent Health has created a platform that is powered by artificial intelligence. The platform serves as a clinical decision support tool, giving doctors information about suicidal ideation and other mental health issues. Their voice indicators for suicide risk and other mental health disorders are detected by AI systems. Their app, and it records audio from sessions, clinical impressions, and patient ratings. Their risk radar provides mental health professionals with a variety of insights and trends that can be used to help diagnose and treat patients. Human voice is analyzed by their machine learning algorithm. The company was named the winner of the 2020 Innovation & Technology Award as well as the 2019 Seed Stage Company of the Year.

Sentio Solutions

Sentio Solutions uses artificial intelligence to create biomarkers and digital therapies for the treatment of mental health concerns. People who suffer from anxiety, sadness, or any type of bipolar disease require constant monitoring. The company provides solutions that aid in the continual detection of any concerns that may exist in the user’s mental state, as well as individualized assistance in dealing with those concerns on a regular basis. They employ a combination of evidence-based behavioral treatments, such as positive psychology or cognitive behavioral therapy, as a solution.

MindDoc: Moodpath

Moodpath is the name of MindDoc’s mood tracking service. It helps those suffering from depression and bipolar illness. Minddoc’s services are designed to help people get through difficult times and assist them toward a faster recovery in a fun way. Patients are more likely to heal when they are engaged through such services. Moodpath is an AI-powered mental health companion that asks questions on a daily basis to assess a person’s well-being and screen for depression symptoms. The software provides an electronic document with monitoring findings on a regular basis, which can be utilized to consult with a healthcare expert. It also includes educational movies and psychological exercises to help me improve my skills.


Meditopia is the most popular mental health care provider for non-English speaking. Depending on the individual’s condition, there are a range of mental health programs with varying levels of sophistication. Instructions for relaxation, deep breathing, and other strategies to assist manage stress and anxiety are included in some of the programs. The company’s app attempts to relieve stress, promote sleep, and help the mind and body relax. Personalized meditation sessions, bedtime stories with a range of topics to pick from, and relaxing music are all available through the app. Over 18 million members have benefited from the company’s services, which are available in 11 different languages.

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