Autumn Adventures Await: Top 5 Destinations for Your September Long Weekend

Autumn Adventures Await: Top 5 Destinations for Your September Long Weekend
Autumn Adventures Await: Top 5 Destinations for Your September Long Weekend

The upcoming long weekend in September is the perfect excuse for you to take your well-deserved break. As the temperature drops and the earth decks up in hues of orange and yellow, it’s time for you dust out your backpack and take out your travel checklist.

In fact, a recent survey by Skyscanner’s Travel in Focus Report 2023 revealed 56% of Indians would squeeze in as many small trips as possible at the same price, rather than one big holiday. If you’re the same, then this weekend is for you. Here is a list of five trending destinations within India that will charm you with their beauty. 

1. Shillong, Meghalaya

Lovingly called the ‘Scotland of the East’, this charming capital city of Meghalaya will leave you speechless with its natural beauty. Adorned with dramatic green landscapes, rolling meadows and tall pine trees, Shillong has been a tourist favorite for decades. Don’t forget to try out the mouthwatering Khasi cuisine. Challenge yourself to climb the Shillong peak to enjoy the panoramic city views.

To reach this place by flight, try flying from Kolkata or travel to Guwahati and hire a car to cover the remaining miles. Go to Skyscanner, select the ‘Show nearby airports’ option and check out which airport near Shillong offers the cheapest flight available and start booking. 

                                           Skyscanner’s Nearby Airports feature

Bangalore to Shillong starts from Rs. 24,581

New Delhi to Shillong starts from Rs 16,525

Mumbai to Shillong starts from Rs. 21,902

2.  Goa

When we say break, India hears Goa. After all, is there any better place than Goa to vacation at? Delicious seafood, stunning beaches, breathtaking sunsets and of course, Goa’s raging nightlife make it one of the most loved tourist spots of all time. Use Skyscanner to fly in and out of Goa, saving time, effort and your money! 

Skyscanner’s Mix and Match feature

Use Skyscanner’s mix and match tool to alternate your arrival and departure flights between the 2 airports in Goa, namely the Dabolim and Manohar International Airport to snag the best possible deal.

Bangalore to Goa starts from Rs. 11,532

New Delhi to Goa starts from Rs. 21,086

Mumbai to Goa starts from Rs. 12,684

3. Varanasi

Varanasi, India’s sacred gem, has fascinated travellers worldwide with its rich heritage. It is a spiritual hub that leaves its mark on every visitor. Walk around the various ghats in the city, experiment and taste the local street food and end your day with a glimpse of the spectacular Ganga aarti. With a cup of steaming chai in hand, attend the Subah-e-Banaras’ in Assi Ghat, a musical treat featuring trained classical artists that begins at the break of dawn. 

With the time toggle tool available, select an arrival time in Varanasi that ensures you won’t miss the captivating early-morning aarti.

Varanasi makes an ideal location for a family vacation. Take your grandparents, uncles and aunts along with you. If Hindi is your preferred language to surf in, you can now easily do so on the Skyscanner website by switching the language option to Hindi. Hindi is also available on the Skyscanner app. After all, travel should be easy for everyone, right?

Bangalore to Varanasi starts from Rs. 17,642

New Delhi to Varanasi starts from Rs. 7,857

Mumbai to Varanasi from Rs. 9,000

4. Hyderabad

Being a 400-year-old city, Hyderabad has always been a place of wonder. The Pearl City hosts brilliant architecture, delicious food and exciting experiences for the youngsters. This is your chance to visit the Ramoji Film Studio, listed in the Guiness World Book of Records as one of the largest film studios in the world. Walk around, understand the craft and end your day with a shopping detour to the Laad bazar. Check out the Golconda Fort and the Salar Jung Museum. Situated on the southern bank of the river Musi, this museum has 39 art galleries as well as thousands of manuscripts in Persian, Arabic and Urdu languages. Treat your senses with succulent kebabs and aromatic biryanis- an indulgence Hyderabad is famous for. 

As Hyderabad is well connected by air, set up price alerts on Skyscanner to be notified of price changes so you can make sure you book your trip at the lowest possible price. 

                                                            Skyscanner’s Price Alerts tool

Bangalore to Hyderabad starts from Rs. 5,359

New Delhi to Hyderabad starts from Rs. 8,664

Mumbai to Hyderabad starts from Rs. 4,712

5. Jaipur

The Pink city of India looks nothing less than a dream- with gleaming palaces and colossal forts, Jaipur makes the perfect weekend break spot for those who love to uncover the stories behind each brick. Not just the architecture, the city has a vibrant bazaar and musical culture that thrums with every taal. Experience the essence of royalty by staying at a heritage hotel and if you feel adventurous, book a car using Skyscanner and drive down to Ranthambore. There is a higher chance of spotting Royal Bengal tigers here, so book a safari and take your binoculars. Make a day out of it and come back to feast on the infamous Dal Baati in Jaipur. 

To make your planning easier, Skyscanner offers you a great selection of flights, hotels and car rentals for Jaipur. 

Bangalore to Jaipur starts from Rs. 15,137

New Delhi to Jaipur starts from Rs. 7,225

Mumbai to Jaipur starts from Rs. 12,114

As you enter the last few months of the year, recharge yourself in this long weekend to gear up for the upcoming festivities. So, what are you waiting for? Head to Skyscanner’s website or app to be smart and stress-free about your travel by snagging the best deals available in the market.  Happy travels!