Organizations Bringing Up Schemes And Facilities To Empower Women In Real World

Organizations Bringing Up Schemes And Facilities To Empower Women In Real World

Empowering women is about recognizing their Inherent worth and ensuring their inherent worth and ensuring they have access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities. It involves breaking down barriers and promoting gender equality. Empowered women can positively impact society, leading to a more inclusive and prosperous world for all. By encouraging women to pursue their dreams and ambitions, we can create a future where they can thrive and make a significant difference in their communities and beyond. Here are few companies that are working towards solving these problems:- 

Aye Finance 

Aye Finance a leading financial organization which has launched their “Shakti Loan scheme” to empower women entrepreneurs by providing them with easy access to business loans and financial support. This initiative aims to boost women-led businesses and foster economic empowerment. Aye has developed this product in collaboration with CGAP, which is a global partnership of more than 30 leading development organizations, including the World Bank, UNDP, and Mastercard Foundation, that works to advance the lives of poor people, especially women, through financial inclusion. Aye’s Shakti Loan has been designed to address the challenges women led businesses face to ensure adequate capital is available for them to help them unlock their tremendous growth potential.

iThink Logistics 

iThink Logistics has implemented progressive policies to support their female employees. They offer 2 days of paid menstrual leave to ensure women’s well-being during their menstrual cycles and promote a healthy work environment. Additionally, the company provides longer maternity leave to new mothers, enabling them to balance work and family responsibility.

Vahdam Teas 

Vahdam teas, a renowned tea company, is making a positive impact initiative. The company is making a positive impact on women’s lives through its unique initiative. The company sources its tea directly from women-owned tea gardens by doing so, Vahdam Tea is not only supporting these women economically but also providing them with opportunities to flourish in a traditionally male-dominated industry. Through their ethical sourcing practices, Vahdam Tea is promoting gender equality and empowering women at the grassroots level.

Shop clues 

Shop Clues, an e-commerce platform, is playing a crucial role in empowering aspiring businesswomen. They have designed a special program that assists women entrepreneurs in starting and growing their businesses with reduced financial barriers. By offering lower initial deposits and simplified onboarding processes, Shop clues is encouraging women to take charge of their entrepreneurial dreams. The initiative has led to a surge of women led businesses on their platform, making a significant impact on the overall empowerment of women in the business world

These four companies Aye Finance, iThink logistics, Vahdam Tea, and Shop Clues, are leading the charge in empowering women with their innovative schemes. From providing financial assistance to female entrepreneurs and introducing progressive leave policies to supporting women in tea gardens and fostering women’s-led business, these companies are contributing to a more inclusive and gender-equal society. Their efforts not only benefit the women directly involved but also create a ripple effect that inspires others to follow suit and work towards a brighter and more empowered future for women across various industries. is empowering women by bringing them to the forefront of farming. launched a “Women in Agriculture” (WiA) program that aims to create equal opportunity for women to participate, contribute, and improve their quality of life through agriculture. WiA focuses on creating awareness about the challenges women face in the agri ecosystem and the opportunities available to empower them to be successful and be recognised for their contributions through various initiatives.

Since April 2021, has employed more than 180 women between the average age of 18 to 35 years as its field partners, aka Krishi Mitras. This fascinating section comprises 30% of its overall field force. In Haryana, 99% of the field partners are women.