Avataar.me Raises Fund to Leverage AR Platform


Online shopping is highly popular among Generation X, Y, and Z and has become a trend lately. Digital buyers are growing humongous with its fascinating experiences they receive in the comfort of their place. Technologies are enhancing online shopper’s experience from 3D to AR and VR.

Avataar.me, an AR marketing platform is helping to bridge the experience gap between online and offline shopping. It helps various businesses to convert 2D designs into 3D with the fascinating application of Augmented Reality. Now the Bengaluru based startup is trying to leverage its company’s operations towards Research and development. As a positive sign, it has raised $7 million capital from Sequoia Capital India. This fresh capital will be a boosting power for the company to submerge into Research and Development initiatives.

Sequoia India focuses on daring founders who try to build legendary companies. They bolster startups financially to bring out potential outcomes. Sequoia operates in Southeast Asia and India and builds a good network with miscellaneous companies such as OYO Rooms, Truecaller, Tokopedia, Zomato, Druva, and so on. Partnering with Sequoia, startups can enjoy humongous benefits. They can enhance themselves in working with giant players in the market such as Apple, Google, LinkedIn, Airbnb, Alibaba, Dropbox, etc.

Avataar.me aims at providing better solutions to businesses that are looking forward to taking e-commerce to the next level. The company converts 2D photos and videos into a life-size 3D experience. This is made possible with the help of Augmented Reality. It provides the best AR experience for online shoppers on social media and bridges the online-offline shopping gap. Avataar.me is already providing an immersive shopping experience for the end-users and creates a strong emotional connection for them.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has been playing a vital role in this pandemic. As we can witness many companies are investing more in Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR, and other technologies. Avataar.me is trying to leverage its operations to the next level by providing more effective experiences and pivoting on research and development. AR/VR has been a great opportunity for many companies to flourish or take off their business to the next level.

More than 300 million users were active participants of AR according to 2019 statistics. Creating social engagement for brands using AR technology is expected to grow 10 times by 2023. Avataar.me is planning to expand the AR potential and works with FMCG, consumer electronics, E-commerce across the US, India, and Southeast Asia. It is aiming to empower XR and AR consumer experience via social media, web, and, applications.


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