Axis AMC announces ‘Axis Special Situations Fund’


Axis AMC has announced the launch of the ‘Axis Special Situations Fund’. It is an open-ended equity fund that follows a special theme for a situation that focuses on investing in disruptive growth opportunities. The fund will offer investors to capture opportunities within the entire disruption of the value chain. Also, the fund will invest across global domestic markets as well as across the market cap spectrum. Schroder will advise on overseas investment, it is around 25% shareholder in Axis AMC.

The fund gives Indian investors a chance to invest in stocks that are participating in or enabling disruption. It uses a multi-sector and multi-cap asset allocation strategy along with exposure to entire equities ensuring that it is not only beneficial to the disruptor but also companies that are adapter or enablers of disruption. Here, Schroder Investment Management Limited advises overseas investments based on their disruption philosophy. The NFO of Axis Special Situations Fund is open for subscription from December 4 and till December 18. The fund will be benchmarked against Nifty 500 TRI.

Chandresh Kumar Nigam, MD & CEO of Axis AMC said that the company had always tried to bring new innovative ideas of funds for their investors which they believe can help their investors in generating long-term wealth. AMC’s product development is backed by its unique and time tested philosophy of responsible investing with an unflinching focus on the quality of the product. Through the launch of the Axis Special Situations Fund, the company continues its journey towards creating an industry-leading asset management platform that can service all of their needs of investors. As the world transforms around us led by ever-accelerating advanced technological changes and innovation that investors need to be able to allocate to and benefit from their theme, whether in Indian or global markets. Axis Special Situations Fund is a unique fund offer by Axis AMC to create a dedicated equity fund that focuses and invests both within the country and global markets.


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