#AzaadKalakar campaign by Nojoto to empower artists


Nojoto has recently launched #AzaadKalakar this independence day to shows the contribution of the artist to the content community. Nojota is the AI-driven storytelling platform, the campaign by Nojoto will celebrate the self-reliant artist throughout the month of Independence day, enabling them to do around 30 Live shows within one month.

The campaign has a contest including an entry in all the formats such as audio, video, writing as well as monetizing the content via virtual gifts and live shows. To participate in this campaign, the artists can share their stories using #AzaadKalakar till 31st august on the Nojoto App. The team has also given the cash prizes for the best entry worth Rs. 10000 also artists get a Nojoto Gold Membership.

The storytelling platform is the only one providing the content platform, in India that main focus on skill-based content. It promotes the regional content, also empowering common citizens to become creators and earn.

Nojoto, with the help of this campaign, wants to emphasize the “creative” freedom for an artist, allowing him to earn based on their talent. The aim of the campaign is embodied in the values of the brand’s vision to create a creator’s economy that was self-reliant and recognized through its talent.

According to Satyam Upadhyay (Founder and CEO of  Nojota), “Artists are the growing section of our economy, and everyone is known for their art and culture. We are going to give them a platform to come together and find their community which genuinely supports them, is recognized by their talents and helps them to becomes ‘AtmaNirbhar’”.

“Artist if came to our platforms, they can showcase their talents at garner brands eyeballs. This will help them to make a career out of their interest, which is also called as a hobby” said Upadhyay.

The financial aspects of many skills are blurry including artists, storytelling, poets, shayar, writers, rappers, and many more. Making a living by the use of creativity is rare which makes the one celebrity, it should be common. So, to mark this Independence Day, Nojota stood support to the artist community who enjoys the freedom of earning a livelihood and built Atma Nirbhar.

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