Things to know before taking a loan for a two-wheeler:2021


At a time when the coronavirus virus is far from finished and social distancing conventions still exist, many claims that it is better to travel in personal forms of transportation rather than public transit to prevent becoming infected with the fatal virus during everyday commutes.

 As a result, it is typically more cost-effective to purchase and maintain a two-wheeler vehicle than a car.

We can also weave through bumper-to-bumper traffic and get to our destination considerably faster than in a car. That being said, if you want to buy a new motorcycle or scooter but lack the necessary cash, you might consider taking out a loan to finance it, especially when they are offered at low-interest rates.

However, there are a few things you should consider before applying for a two-wheeler loan. To begin, you may wish to compare offers from several lenders to get the best price for your needs. You may compare interest rates, processing costs, and prepayment penalties, among other things while also taking into account the simplicity of loan processing According to BankBazaar, you may also see whether you are qualified for any pre-approved loan offers from your current bank for speedier loan disbursement.

While the paperwork requirements vary from lender to lender, they often include age and identification evidence, income proof, and residence proof; you’ll be well-advised to acquire comprehensive clarification on these and arrange for the needed documents in advance to expedite the process.

Finally, do not overborrow simply because you are qualified for a larger loan amount, and before signing up for a loan, consider the affordability of the EMIs.

To assist you in making educated selections, we have compiled a list of over 20 leading institutions, including SBI, HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, PNB, and Axis Bank, that are presently giving some of the lowest interest rates on two-wheeler loans. Please keep in mind that we have only included the lowest stated rates for each of the banks listed in the table below, which may need the fulfillment of additional qualifying requirements.

We have also supplied estimated EMIs for each bank for a two-wheeler loan of Rs 1 lakh taken over three years. Finally, bear in mind that your interest rate will be decided depending on your age, income, credit score, loan amount, and any other terms and conditions of your selected lender, and may be higher than the rates listed here.

Disclaimer: For data collection, interest rates on two-wheeler loans for all listed (BSE) public and commercial banks (excluding foreign and small financing institutions) were examined. Banks with no data available on their website were not considered. On August 10, 2021, data was taken from the different banks’ websites. Indicative EMIs have been computed using the interest rates listed in the table for a Rs 1 lakh loan with a three-year term (processing fee and other charges are assumed to be zero for EMI calculation).

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