Haldiram’s promoting social distancing through #Haldiram’s Care campaign


With the pandemic hitting everywhere, the importance of hygiene practices and social norms have also increased. To spread the importance of social distancing Haldiram’s has launched the Haldiram’s care campaign for the people visiting their favorite restaurants at this time. This campaign is created by Option Designs with the main aim to promote the importance of social distancing and ensuring customer safety.

This socially responsible comeback of Haldiram’s post lockdown is to make sure that the customers visiting them are completely safe and also to provide them an opportunity to eat their favorite delicacies from their favorite restaurants. Anyone visiting the restaurant will be asked to follow certain social distancing norms. The individuals will have to maintain a six feet distance with others while dining in these areas. This is emphasized further in the tagline of their campaign “Delicious Bhi Dooriyan Bhi”. The packaging of food will be done with utmost care With the pandemic hitting everywhere, the importance of hygiene practices and social where it will be ensured that the food is properly sealed, packed in clean surroundings and that the staff dealing with this food follows clean and hygienic practices.

For Haldiram’s the motto has always been “Customer safety is our priority”. Haldiram’s has tried to efficiently incorporate all health and safety measures to the customers visiting them. Stringent food safety measures are also followed in Halidiram’s restaurants where the focus is given on a hygienic environment and super safe delivery.

Managing director of Option Design Rahul Gandhi on talking about this initiative said that this campaign is mainly done to project how much Haldiram cares for its customer’s health and as a brand how much it tries to fulfill their customer expectations.

While the managing director of Haldiram Rajat Rastog said that most people are now scared to dine outside mainly due to the heightened health concern. At Haldiram’s they have tried to understand this ‘new normal’ and made their full effort to offer solutions to any type of customer problem. By following the safety protocols that Halidram is giving the customers they will be able to enjoy the best food in the safest surroundings.


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