Social distancing and a recent Cadbury Milk Silk tale: Case Study


A new TVC on ‘How Far Will You Go for Love,’ which was launched earlier in the year with the objective of connecting with today’s youth, was released by Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk. The film forms part of a broader integrated marketing mix, including TV, a digital/social plan based on the ground, and a high decibel. On Instagram, too, the film was launched with a planned sequence of activities that led to the film being disclosed.

“Cadbury Premium Milk Silk has accounted for the finest taste of chocolate in India for many years,” Anil Viswanathan, Chocolate Owner, Mondelez India said. Over the years, this has become an expression of romance among young people in the communication. With the country’s youth and love ‘s meaning changing, greater focus is placed on expressions and acts that hold passion alive and new. This led to the conceptualization of the new proposition ‘How Far Will You Go For Love,’ which started the Valentine’s Day campaign earlier this year, and now becomes a ritual that creates new relationships, enhances the meaning of love and represents a sense that cannot be expressed purely in word but can best be felt by active expressions. The goal is still to make Cadbury Milk Silk an important part of the love for your special people, by means of small and big gestures that go beyond the normal.

The film opens on a sunny street with a girl. She realizes that, when she runs, she is in the shade and as she looks up, she sees her partner on the terrace carrying the umbrella and walking alongside her while hopping from one terrace to another to shield her from the light. Then he throws the Silk bar for her, which seems their hidden relationship. It catches and delight. This picture revives the philosophy that words sometimes do not enough to express what you feel for each other, and it is sometimes important to have a special time.

“Chocolate and passion have always gone hand-in-hand but no Indian brand has really capitalized on this relation until now,” said the Head of Strategic Planning Ganapathy Balagopalan, Ogilvy Mumbai. While stories from Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk often referred to a romance, the hero always was the product. The melty-chocolate was still available. We think it’s time for the company to switch from a pure bar of indulgent chocolate to a more attractive product, to render Silk a sign of romance. It feels like a natural development for the brand and will give us a more important role in the life of young people.


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