‘Recharge Revolution’ campaign launched by Airtel to highlight its services


Conceptualized by Taproot Dentsu, a creative agency from  the Dentsu Aegis Network(DAN) India,  highlights recharging facilities at ATMs and pharmaceutical stores.

Airtel launched its new campaign, “ Recharge Revolution”, with an attempt to ease the process of  phone recharge for their subscribers amidst the current pandemic. Conceptualized and executed by Taproot Dentsu, from the house of Dentsu Aegis Network(DAN) India, commercial highlights the recharging facilities at pharmacy stores and ATMs.

The film features the problems faced by the consumers , to recharge their phones amidst the lockdown as shops are closed and showcase how telecommunication brand took several steps like help a friend, airtel thanks app, associating with ATMs and pharmacies to help those people who are in need.

The production house said in a statement,” During the lockdown nationwide, communication remains as an important element and must be seamless. The people are now stranded under the current pandemic and the only the only hope for people is, to stay connected with their loved ones and to be regularly updated about the situation. By understanding the need of  the hour  and by guiding the users, Equinox films  associating with Airtel has ensured that Airtel’s message reach each and everyone through their ad commercial”.

The commercial reaches a subscriber base who depend on their prepaid connection  used as a mode of communication. The film  was shot indoors across Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand, Delhi and Noida by adhering to the  guidelines and norms of the lockdown. The film was launched across TV and social media platforms.

Director, Nitin Parmar, Equinox films, said even though  this is a tough time for film makers, but as the famous saying, ‘ the show must go on’. It is essential to keep challenging oneself and look for various new ways to stay relevant. The Airtel has brought an opportunity for the people to experiment and reinvent and highlight the major cause of connecting with friends and families amidst the lockdown.

Now, through “ Help a Friend” initiative, users can even recharge for others around them who do not use smart phone which can be done via Airtel Thanks App.


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