The new ad of Cadbury dairy milk silk asks ‘how far will you go for love?’


The Cadbury dairy milk silk released their new ad, which asks “how far will you go for love”? The ad was directed by Prakash Varma and was produced by nirvana films. The ad is all about the need to make someone feel special through our actions. It tells that love is a tricky space to conquer for a brand because it can either appear more attractive or repulsive. So balancing these are not much easy but here one brand has come nearer to finding the right balance, it is Cadbury dairy milk chocolate

Cadbury dairy milk has maintained the quality of that feel-good love and its ads expressed the same over years. And after the introduction of ‘dairy milk silk’, it managed to carve itself as a kind of love which is not apparent but the one which will exist inside an individual with joy and excitement

The ad shows, a young boy holding an umbrella over the head of his love to protect her from the sun. The ad has been shot as showing the care and affection of the boy simply making the view of the height of the building over which he is hoping without any consideration of the height and the risk involved. The boy is only worried about his love for whom he doesn’t want to face the blazing sun and the classic song ‘ kiss me’ is playing on its background and at last, it was ended with a question’ How far will you go for love’. But this question is not new because Cadbury dairy milk silk had already asked the same question for its valentine’s day ad which has released in 2020.

The head of strategic planning, Ganapathy Bala Gopalan said that they discovered the young people don’t do enough to show, how they truly feel about someone special in their life. It encourages them to go the extra distance and make the special someone truly special on valentine’s day. Simply we can say that it sharply positions the brand as a romantic symbol and has the potential to turn into a cultural icon.


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