Baba Ka Dhaba video goes viral, brands join the bandwagon


For all the animosity and abuse in social media now, it has once again been proved that ‘social media’ can be put to good use.

Since the old couple’s video, telling their story with teary eyes has gone viral, the Dhaba has earned a lot of love from the residents. The place has been a selfie spot for many, and people have been visiting it in numbers only to try the delicious ‘Mattar paneer’ and more. The pair has been overcome by all the kindness and love they have got, and they encourage people to come forward to help even more who are just like them.

Their tale has gone so viral that several brands have jumped in to make their commitment to support ‘Baba Ka Dhaba. . In reality, ‘Dhaba’ is a food stall run by an elderly couple near Malviya Nagar in Delhi ‘ While it might sound like a perfect publicity technique, it does the trick.

After Gaurav Wasan, a Delhi-based food vlogger/journalist shared their video on his social platforms including Instagram, Youtube, etc., the ‘Dhaba’ and its state of affairs went viral on social media. . The company of the pair was seriously impacted by the lockdown and the COVID pandemic.

Pepsi went ahead and named the viral Delhi street food stall Baba Ka Dhaba. Pepsi has donated a refrigerator drink along with free stocks of PepsiCo drinks in addition to the Pepsi distributor board and POS material. Pepsi has raced to ensure that the existence of the company can be felt at the most viral food stall in the country at the moment. The billboards and banners of Pepsi can be seen all over the Dhaba. The brand just didn’t end there. They have sent ration for the personal use of the couple and the Dhaba. This is going to support a couple a lot.

While Pepsi is the new brand name to be seen synonymous with ‘Baba Ka Dhaba,’ Zomato was one of the first brands to take advantage of this business opportunity. While expanding its assistance, the food delivery player said, “Baba Ka Dhaba is now on the zomato list and the team is working with the elderly couple there to make food deliveries possible. Thank you to the people on the Internet for getting this to our attention.

Paytm also came forward to help the couple ensure simple monetary transfers and wished them the best with their tweet. The Tinder dating app also shared a tweet that recommended the dhaba for your next date. Other brands that have sponsored Baba Ka Daba include Airtel, MobiKwik, and PhonePe.

‘Baba Ka Dhaba’ has been doing very well thanks to all the brands and celebrities showing their support. The couple is now searching for someone higher to help them manage the Dhaba. And that seems to be just the beginning.


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