#WFH Face campaign by Piramal Lacto Calamine


BBDO India has introduced a new campaign for Piramal Lacto Calamine under the tag of “#WFH Face”. The company wants to introduce a concept that would suit the current situation.

As there was an outbreak of the pandemic, and people started working from their homes, and work video calls became an important element in a person’s life and due to the situation, people are giving more importance to the appearance especially the face. This campaign was introduced claiming that Lacto Calamine can be used by women for oil control even though they are at their home.

Women are always concerned about their appearance especially their faces and are always worried about their faces while appearing on video calls, where some prefer to wear huge amounts of makeup, while others prefer the basics.

The campaign film begins by showing different women getting ready for their work video call, where at first everyone uses different products and later on shows them using Lacto Calamine to get a perfect appearance.

Lacto Calamine oil is a water-based lotion, which consists of Tri action formula which helps to extract excess oil and also helps in unclogging the pores and hence gives a result of clear skin and suggests that since every individual differs from the other, this product is a solution for a clear face.

The spokesperson of Piramal’s CPD stated that the pandemic has taught people about the care they should give for their skin from the start. Cosmetic products were best sold in the market, but after the outbreak of the pandemic, as people have shifted to working from home, there’s a need among people where the appearance must be perfect instead of overdoing. The company’s ideology of “Doing well and Doing good” states that innovation always comes because of the needs of the customers.

The campaign “#WFH Face” is introduced to promote the product Lacto Calamine by claiming that it was designed to give customers a solution to the problem they are facing about their oily skin.

Chief creative officer of BBDO India, Hemant Shringy stated that the product has created a huge change in the cosmetics market. The senior creative director, Shruthi was the person who brought up the concept and states that cast, concept everything went well together.


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