Orbit gums collaborates with Tinder


The new generation has evolved the dating trends, orbit gums are currently introducing a campaign. Orbit gum cooperates with Tinder on chatbot aiming to promote the younger generation who are more interested in social media and dating apps. 

During the corona pandemic, the gathering of people is a huge barrier. Orbit is providing a way to participate in social conversation, as the brand is advising its viewers on how to clean up their dating game. Tinder users share Orbit humorous messages for those who violate proper online dating manners.

The famous comedian-actor Chris Parnell plays American as a dad, who walks into a room to talk about dating. As he talks about the evolving dating ways in the modern period, we can see Parnell taking a pack of orbit gum to encourage the viewers to keep it clean in their dating. Parnell is mockingly talking about the bad behavior at social media and through dating apps.

Parnell is also putting a message for viewers to clean up their act while they receive an unrequested dirty message and advice on how to clean up their online dating. When Tinder users receive any unsolicited messages, they can send a message from Parnell reminding them to clean up their acts. In addition to that, Parnell appears in 10 video snippets on giphy that can be used against people who give inappropriate messages in-app.

Orbit introduces a campaign for offering video snippets on giphy, by providing the brand with another way to participate in social conversation. Orbit is aiming to encourage young customers who use a dating app and to give prominence to the younger consumer on their clean qualities while using social media and dating apps.

This orbit campaign is also offering a library of related video snippets providing brands to participate in social conversation. The orbit latest campaign of the brand “orbit girl” a humorous character who always manages to keep things perfectly in every messy situation. 

This particular campaign is also emphasizing its “clean“ qualities. Orbit is also indicating another application for messaging with development in artificial intelligence to help individualized customer experience.


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