#BeAyurvedaProtected – The latest campaign launched by Chandrika herbal soap



Chandrika is a well-known brand known for its ayurvedic soap made and sold in India by SV Products. The item was propelled in 1940. In spite of the fact that the idea was concocted by, and the organization was established by, C. R. Kesavan Vaidyar, it is presently possessed by Bangalore-headquartered Wipro. Chandrika was procured by Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting in 2004 from Kerala-based SV Products. 

As per the organization, the ingredients in Chandrika herbal soaps are coconut oil, harsh pop (with higher percentage), wild ginger, lime strip oil, hydnocarpus oil, orange oil, and sandalwood oil. Each is professed to have a specific restorative worth.

Chandrika Campaign

Chandrika, the Ayurvedic bar soap has propelled the #BeAyurvedaProtected crusade with a plan to feature that Ayurveda and Chandrika, tried and attempted through ages, hold age-old answers for a significant number of the present new age issues. The new campaign by the brand focuses on skincare products have germ protection properties.

The current pandemic of coronavirus has put the world into a bigger crisis and situation where the virus is highly contagious and the virus is transmitting rapidly from person to person. Keeping the issue in mind, Chandrika runs the campaign. The film conceptualized by Brand David centers around the germ insurance properties of the cleanser and exhibits the intensity of Ayurveda. The promotion film spins around three ladies who are discussing a mystery that has helped them fight health contingencies. The mystery is uncovered by the on-screen character Amala Paul, that Chandrika cleanser is the answer for her skin-related issues. 

According to S Prasanna Rai, Vice President – Marketing, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting, stated, “In the current situation and data over-burden on how one needs to deal with themselves, it was imperative to remind purchasers that the trusted and age-old arrangements that are notable insider facts are stuffed with normal goodness.” 

According to Sharat Kuttikat, Group Creative Director, Brand David stated, “Utilizing the gadget of a mystery being shared, we rejuvenated a warm trade between companions who are in various areas however have the equivalent solid faith in Ayurveda, and hence, Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap.”  The crusade has been discharged across TV and advanced media stages.


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