Benz collaborates with Google

google x mercedes benz
Benz collaborates with Google

In such an attempt at competing with Tesla and Chinese companies, Mercedes-Benz disclosed on Thursday that it’s teamed up with Google for route planning and is going to offer “super computer-like performance” in every vehicle with automated driving sensors. Automakers of all ages are competing to fit Tesla’s software-powered features, which allow for the distant latest update to self-driving capacity, battery range, and vehicle performance. According to CEO Ola Kaellenius, the German automaker accepted sharing revenue with Nvidia Corp, it’s associate on self-driving software as of 2020, in hopes of lowering the upfront cost of purchasing expensive high-powered transistors.Mercedes-upcoming Benz’s operating system (MB.OS) would provide drivers with simple navigation functions and high-quality visuals just on car’s high-definition screen. Actual traffic data and prediction, automatic rerouting, as well as YouTube assimilation into the Mercedes-Benz touchscreen infotainment are among the new features. Mercedes will additionally utilize Google Maps data to enable features like automatically updating speed before junctions, roundabouts, or bends.The collaboration will also leverage Google Cloud’s machine learning and AI capabilities to rapidly create, train, and deploy new models that can improve overall user experience. Mercedes also intends to analyse fleet data using Google Cloud’s rapid and effective data processing platform, in addition to Google’s open infrastructural facilities for advancement and safe customization.”We only invite the best companions to assist us in enhancing our able to operate system and enhance the Mercedes-Benz customer experience. For many years, Google has been a leading company in maps and navigation. “With our strategic alliance, we are enthusiastic to make different services and boost the standard of solace for our customers,” said Mercedes-Benz CEO Ola Källenius. This action plan will not only improve the driving experience, but it will also aid Mercedes-efforts Benz’s to maintain and advance automated driving technology. Customers in applicable markets will be able to use the new navigation features beginning today in all vehicles that have the most recent generation of MBUX.”From that point forward, every single Mercedes will be fitted with a supercomputer in it,” Chief Executive Ola Kaellenius stated during an occasion in Sunnyvale, California, making reference to a semi debut of the company’s latest operating system MB.OS. In 2022, the automaker produced and over one billion euros ($1.06 billion) in software-enabled revenue, which it expects to increase to the a high single-digit billion euro estimate by the end of the decade. This represents a more conservative estimate as a percentage of total revenue than Stellantis and General Motors have proposed.Mercedes-Benz is transitioning from a mishmash methodology of trying to integrate software from various suppliers to full control of its software.

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