Bigleaf Networks Reveals AI-Powered Risk Monitoring


Bigleaf Networks, a brilliant networking service that enhances Internet and Cloud performance by powerfully selecting the best connection based on real-time usage and diagnostics. They launch AI-powered Risk Monitoring which is a new feature within their SD-WAN platform.

The risk monitoring utilizes artificial intelligence to minimize alert noise and make it workable. Within IT departments, labeling one of the most expensive and inefficient thorns and handling a powerful stake in the ground for the future of artificial intelligence in the network. This type of alerting will assist IT-lean organizations to allow the same level of network reliability and application performance.

Bigleaf Cloud-first SD-WAN platform supports unnecessary connections for excellent traffic re-routing, load-balancing, and failover. Bigleaf Cloud is assigned to providing a stronger internet experience and also make sure of peace of mind with friendly support, simple execution, and powerful technology. 

Joel Mulkey, co-founder, and CEO, Bigleaf stated that nowadays the complexity of networks in IT-lean enterprises is wide, was on the network people can’t process and troubleshoot the volume of alerts and events anymore which have tens or hundreds of cloud applications running across hundreds or thousands of branch and home internet connections which has lost all sense of control and excellence. So now they created intelligent software to solve this problem i.e. true network control for the customers which building a platform that takes control of processing and interpreting those events.

Bigleaf Risk Monitoring shows alerting by using intelligent software to recognize and change network events into business risks. They will interpret high-volume network events into prioritized workable risks and also can minimize risk alert noise by using AI. To load balancing across different circuits they span the spectrum from site disruption.

The company shows twelve different risks in the initial launch of this new feature, inclusive of:

  • Expanded periods of elevated health alarm levels 
  • Circuit outages will be resulting in only a single circuit remaining up
  • Critical traffic volume extremely increasing the capacity of backup circuits
  • Site outage

These actionable and risk-focused alerts will provide the IT and network managers with a plain path to settling issues that may survive with their ISP, equipment, or configuration. Bigleaf will alert and display on a dissimilar risk if the customer loses a single circuit. This new feature also brings remarkable value to the MSP partners who now have a tool that lets them see risks across all of the companies they control and assist.


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