BLVD Club Presents “GALA”: Bangalore’s Premier Banquet for Unparalleled Luxury Experiences

BLVD Club Presents “GALA”: Bangalore's Premier Banquet for Unparalleled Luxury Experiences
BLVD Club Presents “GALA”: Bangalore's Premier Banquet for Unparalleled Luxury Experiences

Bengaluru, 26 th Feb’24: Nestled within the heart of Bangalore, BLVD Club, Bangalore’s
premier luxury club invites you to discover a haven for your memorable events within its
premises. A breathtaking “GALA” banquet space designed to elevate every event into an
unforgettable memory transcends the ordinary, offering a backdrop for celebrations that leave a lasting impression well beyond the final toast.

Whether you envision an intimate soiree or a lavish celebration, the banquet provides the perfect canvas. Imagine a space immersed in natural light, where elegant interiors seamlessly blend with a lush outdoor garden. Luxurious furnishings and intricate design touches create an ambiance of understated grandeur, while an expansive outdoor garden offers a sanctuary for al fresco gatherings under the starlit sky, along with the culinary delights from our award-winning kitchen.

This is the essence of GALA, a stage where your vision takes center stage. From milestone celebrations, and intimate gatherings to grand soirees, GALA caters to every occasion, and its allure extends beyond its captivating aesthetics. Renowned for its bespoke experiences, BLVD Club ensures every event unfolds flawlessly. Host an elegant wedding that feels like a fairy tale, or a corporate gala that leaves a lasting impression. Our dedicated team will be your confidantes, meticulously planning and orchestrating every detail to ensure your event unfolds flawlessly.

The banquet space, doubling as an end-to-end event space, accommodates 14 deluxe rooms furnished with exquisite décor, complemented by premium culinary offerings provided by F&B services. What could be better than having a comforting and fulfilling gourmet experience for your meticulously planned event? GALA brings together the world on your plate offering your guests a heavenly indulgence. Before your special occasion, guests can enjoy beauty treatments at GALA’s “Illume spa” and “Le Virsella Salon” to make you look your best.

At BLVD Club, we believe in the power of thorough planning and personalized service. We
understand that every event is a unique story, and we are the artisans who bring it to life.
Whether you seek a bespoke menu, state-of-the-art technology, or curated entertainment, your dreams are our blueprint.

Experience the magic of GALA. Contact BLVD Club today to arrange a private viewing and
discover how this exquisite space can transform your next event into a masterpiece of memories.

Capacity – Up to 1,500
Pricing – Curated as per the requirement
Contact details – 09731101414
Website –