Boddess launches #OneIndiaOneRepublicDay


Inspiring the nation to embrace equality and rise above differences on the eve of the 74th Republic Day

National, 25 January 2023 – Boddess Beauty, the Indian omni-channel multi brand gives a compelling and rather unique take on Republic day this year by encouraging citizens to rise above the bare minimum and support the lives of their care takers through their #OneIndiaOneRepublicDay campaign.

With a series of candid visuals, Boddess hopes to remind people of the importance of their domestic providers and encourage them to take the day off, simply to rejuvenate and celebrate their patriotism as they would like. While simple, this practice is often overlooked and missed across the blue collar work force and Boddess brings it back into the spotlight.

The images hope to convey the equality and respect that those who take care of us, and are often sidelined truly deserve. It reminds customers of the dignity in every kind of labor, mutual respect and humanity that is the core of our Indian spirit; a timely reminder this Republic day.