Boman Irani, an additional boost for Morepen


As per World Health Organization (WHO), globally 1.28 billion adults in the age of 30 to 79 years are affected by hypertension. Early detection is the best part to prevent and control the silent killer. Self-monitoring is the best way for detection and control. The use of digital health monitoring devices comes to help us in this situation.

Covid 19 pandemic has led to a considerable rise in demand for home health care. During the pandemic, most people fear visiting hospitals and getting infected. There are intensive care setups at home to teleconsultations, postoperative care to the collection of blood samples, and home healthcare to stay at home.

People affected with coronavirus were recommended with home quarantine. The healthcare industries started offering some quarantine packages for teleconsultation, guidance for using medical devices and reduced stress and anxiety among people.

Morepen Laboratories Ltd., a leading healthcare company focused on the medical devices business. It started three and half decades ago by K. B. Suri in the production of Ampicillin. Morepen Laboratories has a highly skilled and dedicated team for Research and Development. They are heavily investing in technology and mastering the process of home health care.

Morepen Laboratories introduced their new campaign with Boman Irani, a versatile performer and ace Indian actor. He introduced the benefits of having hand home care devices. He narrated the advantage of having simple health care devices at home. Unlike the thermometer we have in our first aid box, it is time to add other devices like a glucose monitor and blood pressure monitor.

The devices are user friendly, gives quick response and just a few steps of instructions are required to use.

Handheld medical devices are the essential items that have to be kept in everyone’s home. The health checkups can be done with very little time and with few steps only required. The readings are accurate and an easy diagnosis is possible. These devices are a blessing for elderly people staying at home. They need not rely on others for the simple cases of monthly health checkups to an extent.

Morepen always focused on trouble-free healthcare and convenient devices for people to maintain sound health. In association with Irani will make every people aware about their health and increase the penetration of medical devices in the Indian market.

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