Bondite TVC Sets an Example for Functional Brief


Astral Adhesives, in honor of Bondtite’s 25th anniversary, launched its first-ever national television campaign, which was conceptualized by the Womb. The 40-second spot gives a glimpse into the different applications of the epoxy adhesive, driven by a simple yet strong message of the product’s basic feature of bonding multiple materials ‘Ekdum Tight.’ 

The engineer noted that because epoxy adhesives are highly technical products with a lot of application-based communications, Astral wanted to break the mold with Bondtite’s debut campaign by telling a tale that wasn’t just about the application but also connected with the hearts of the viewers. 

It should have a high recall value and emphasize the company’s presence across India. And it was with this precise mandate that The Womb, a creative firm, was tasked. When brands have such a clear and functional brief about a badass product that can deliver on its promises, the creative process becomes really exciting, according to Creative Head Akshat Trivedi. 

The brief not only spelled out the core tenets we were trying to highlight, which were the brand’s application in joining various solid and non-similar materials together, creating a good recall for the Bondtite name, and how it is available, but it also spelled out who the target audience is and what kind of people they are trying to reach out to. 

That’s where the conversation started, and it wasn’t long before Bondtite came up with the idea of bringing various materials and crafts from India together. 

Trivedi and his team then embarked on a lengthy investigation into what valuable materials various Indian states had to offer, as well as how two diverse elements are combined to create beautiful goods. 

Sawant’s objective for the film was to transmit the message of Bondtite, which binds the spirit of India and brings people from all cultures together. As a result, he used a bigger color pallet to represent each state’s characteristics. As a result, the advertisement has received a lot of positive reactions from viewers. 

Heval Patel, Womb’s Head of Account Management, stated that they wanted to produce something beautiful that reflected Indian crafts. 

The best response they’ve gotten to these films from their teams, stakeholders, masons, and artisans they’ve worked with directly is that the video doesn’t caricature the individuals it depicts. People are praising them for the level of relatability they have achieved on screen. 

The campaign is now airing on television and online, with BTL activations and billboards supporting it. 

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