BookMyShow hits with 2.9 million ticket sales after the Pandemic


As we all know the go-to main app which we use for booking our movies in theatres and various other shows including campaigns and matches has been shut down for the past 18 months due to Pandemic.

Now it has returned to us with the double spirit and scaling up a fast recovery from the pandemic losses it had BookMyShow hits with 2.9 million tickets at the end of 2021.

During the Pandemic BookMyShow has turned into booking the Covvacine slots for the people and helping them throughout the process.

It even opened the portals enabling access to quarantine shelters and now it’s back full-fetched with Entertainment and it is hitting a larger scale than it used to before the pandemic.

BookMyShow scales up the movies with record numbers in Hollywood, Kollywood, and even in regional language. The live event also has been opening up after a huge gap with the concern of ensuring the covid protocols put forward up by the government. BookMyShow also gives early indications and updation for the members on the mega sales and the movies a week before their arrival. 

After the pandemic, BookMyShow scaled up to 2.9 million ticket sales this Diwali, and also the highest number of ticket sales that happened on a single day was seen on November 5th with 0.9 million tickets sold.

Sundays turned out to be a server busy day for BookMyShow as people were rushing to see the theatres and their missing was seen. 

Diwali season almost 35%of ticket sales in BookMyShow from Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and during Dussehra, it scaled up to 51% of ticket sales. Pongal drive almost 43%of ticket sales and Sooryavanshi was the most-watched movie during the festive season with around 2.3 million ticket sales and weekend shows with 3.3 million ticket sales.

Hyderabad scales the first as the top cities that watched the movies and the within the scale being Kochi. Movies that were most watched ranged from Sooryavanshi (Hindi), Master, Doctor (Tamil), SpiderMan: No Way Home (English), Kurup (Malayalam) to Vakeel Saab (Telugu). Regional languages that got streamed the most ranged from Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and English.

Hindi and Tamil accounted for 1/3rd of the tickets sales and Telugu and Tamil accounted for about 50% of tickets sales in BookMyShow. Live entertainment the audience most watches was sports especially cricket and the entertainment that gets the highest view is comedy stream. 

BookMyShow is even planning some contests to keep taking the ratio of the most-watched on the proportion of taking the best ticket sales. 

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