Brands use creative campaigns to aware on World Cancer Day

Brands use creative campaigns to aware on World Cancer Day
World Cancer Day Health Creative Brand Campaign

The goal of World Cancer Day, which is observed annually on February 4th, is to raise awareness of cancer and support its detection, prevention, and treatment. 

To raise awareness and support cancer prevention, World Cancer Day is observed worldwide. Like every year, brands raised awareness through creatives and campaigns

In honour of World Cancer Day, Marketing Mind has compiled a list of brand-produced videos and movies. These businesses have shared real-world accounts of cancer patients’ struggles with the condition and how early detection helped them fight it. 

Cancer hospitals at Cytecare 

During World Cancer Day advertising, Cytecare Cancer Hospitals dominated. A man holding papers, each with an important message, in the commercial offers straightforward communication of the video’s message and the soundtrack in the background. 

Simple phrases printed on white cards show viewers how to interact with cancer patients. Even though it’s common to feel emotionally drained and refrain from saying anything that might unintentionally harm the patient. 

By sharing the courageous story of cancer survivor Anchal Sharma, Netmeds honours bravery. 

The Girl in Red Lipstick,” a movie by Grey Group India, is based on the true story of Anchal Sharma. The movie’s main message is #SilenceCancerNotTheFight, which is crucial for cancer patients and their caregivers. 

The cancer survivor Anchal Sharma used red lipstick as a tool to boost her confidence and get through the difficulties of her treatment. In addition to keeping her head held high, she also used lipstick to spread joy among the other combatants. Her radiant smile served as a constant source of motivation for those around her to keep going and fight. 

Health Narayana 

A healthcare company named Narayana Health unveiled a new campaign called “SuperPower” of Survivors on World Cancer Day. 

The campaign, which is presented from the viewpoint of a cancer survivor, emphasizes the dedication required to fight cancer using one’s skills. This campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of routine check-ups and self-care to detect cancer early to celebrate the bravery of cancer survivors. 


Cancer patients’ psychological stress is more widely recognized thanks to Aster DM Healthcare. 

To recognize the courage of cancer patients, Aster DM Healthcare released two short films. The film’s purpose is to inform viewers about the psychological trauma cancer patients experience and how they cope with it. Inspiring viewers to celebrate their victories and have faith in their capacity to make a full recovery, the films emphasize the idea that illness need not be the end. The main message of the movies is that it’s possible to not only survive but also thrive and lead a contented, healthy life once more. 

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