E-comm and social media campaigns are growth drivers for Nutella

E-comm and social media campaigns are strategic growth drivers for Nutella
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Given that it created the category of chocolate spread in India, Nutella is the market leader and holds a sizable market share. The overall modern spreads category, which includes spreads for sandwiches like chocolate, peanut butter, and others, is expanding quickly. The modern way of life and consumers’ changing tastes and preferences for trying out various breakfast recipes with chocolate spread as one of their preferred choices are the causes. One of the most well-liked brands is Nutella, and as people and publications spend more time preparing meals at home using their preferred spread, the brand is seeing an increase in demand.  

Additionally, by incorporating Nutella into traditional Indian sweets, we were able to forge a regional connection thanks to our collaboration with influencers from various parts of India. 

With the help of Chef Vikas Khanna and other influencers, we were able to increase consumer awareness of the straightforward, delicious, and easy cooking that families can do at home. We also saw encouraging engagement on the social media platforms where these activations were used. 

Which platforms are you using for your campaigns? What digital marketing tactics do you employ? 

We currently conduct all of our promotions online. When compared to other media platforms, social media is where our target audience is most active, spending almost three hours daily. By generating worthwhile engagement opportunities, we hope to strengthen our relationships with our audiences through social media campaigns. E-commerce is another tactical growth tool we can use to expand our online presence and give customers a simple way to make immediate purchases. Nutella uses many social media platforms, online shops, and marketplaces to promote last-mile conversions. Additionally, quick commerce is something that We are concentrating on growing our business online. 

What were the main holiday season trends you saw last year? 

It has been noted that consumers tend to spend more on material goods during the holiday seasons as a result of having more disposable income. Increased consumer spending has led to purchases of apparel, durable goods, and both standard and premium FMCG products for the household. To give gifts during the celebrations, people tend to spend a lot of money on food, primarily sweets and chocolates. In Indian culture, sweets have always been used to mark happy and joyous occasions, and the most popular gift is a sweet box. Here, we saw an increase in sales across the board. 

festivities. A sweet box is the most popular gift because, in Indian culture, sweets have always been used to mark happy and joyous occasions. Here, we saw an increase in sales throughout the Christmas and New Year’s holiday seasons. 

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