How Brands Used Innovative Ads To Capitalize On The Zomato-Blinkit Trend 

How Brands Used Innovative Ads To Capitalize On The Zomato-Blinkit Trend
Zomato Blankit Hoarding Innovative trending ads

With their campaigns, brands have been quite inventive. The old ways are still in vogue even though everything has gone online and social media now plays a significant role in brand promotions. 

But brands have now cleverly combined the two formats to generate a buzz like never before. 

The quick commerce app Blinkit and its parent company Zomato collaborated for the new year by using a well-known Bollywood line to appeal to the audience. The internet quickly became interested in this odd Zomato Blinkit post, and it quickly became a hot topic.  

Many companies have joined in this brand dialogue and added their spin to the film 2002. Hoarding has been used as advertising ever since the dawn of time. Additionally, everyone enjoys seeing different brands collaborate to establish a brand-new trend. 

Recently, some companies, including Zomato and Blinkit, posted the most famous line from the well-known Bollywood film “Maa Tujhe Salaam.” But there’s a catch. 

Many other brands jumped on the bandwagon after seeing their entertaining banter and edited a hoarding of their own to promote themselves in the most cinematic way possible. 

Tide also demonstrates interest in the campaigns they have created, such as safedi mangoge chaunka denge. 

Netflix’s campaign in New York for the Wednesday series was the most attractive recently. The way they produced the horror humour in the street through the hoarding was great applause. 

These kinds of attractive hoarding campaign got popular because it catches the eyes of people very easily. Every hoarding was unique and attractive. Those people who are busy in the street take a break to look at these hoardings, which serve the purpose of these campaigns. 

This buzz created by these campaigns is worthwhile. All their efforts get worth it without using social media, they can succeed with just street hoarding. These billboards succeed in building buzz. 

Social media is an environment where trends spread quickly. When a picture of two creative billboards by Zomato and Blinkit. Well, this has now turned into a topical trend. Now, such billboard ads of many other brands have also joined the list and are going insanely viral on the Internet

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