Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, ChatGPT will be used in courses

Coursera CEO Jeff Maggioncalda, ChatGPT will be used in one of the company's courses: Davos 2023.
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“ChatGPT is early and risky; I haven’t slept in 45 days,” the CEO of Coursera continues. This university’s online course is being taken by the CEO of Coursera. 

The director of Coursera added that despite spending the previous 45 days working on the feature, it still keeps him up at night. 

The CEO of Coursera, Jeff Maggioncalda, spoke with Moneycontrol outside the World Economic Forum in Davos about ChatGPT being “amazing” but “hazardous” and the challenges facing a post-pandemic society. He also mentioned students from India, which is a growing market for free online courses. 

He claimed that I create new information about this using ChatGPT (AI). 

He claims that Coursera is collaborating with universities all over India to incorporate professional electives and industry credentials into this learning program. He also discussed the company’s plans for India. 

One of the amazing aspects of hybrid education, in his opinion, is the freedom to study whenever, wherever, and with whomever. No, matters your location, your background, but the thing important is your learning aspect to get knowledge from the expert and become expert. Grab your opportunities through these advance learning platforms which makes you advance from your basic to advance level.

Maggioncalda claims that he has completed about 15 Coursera courses and that he is currently enrolled in a Google Data Analytics course, a professional degree program, and a University of Amsterdam course on the history of the universe. 

He also covered the vital topic of enrolling in a Coursera course. This assertion claims that people are more driven to complete a course if it will advance their careers, but they are for enroll in courses they find interesting and enjoyable as hobbies, like a history class. 

He also talked about ChatGPT and the plans for Coursera to incorporate the AI-based program into its courses. He continued by saying that the widely used program, which has taken the world by storm, keeps him up at night. 

While he couldn’t go into too much detail about his goals for ChatGPT, he continued by saying that he was certain he wanted to link it to Coursera.

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