For Republic Day, Tata Tea produces 3D “thanks.” 

For Republic Day, Tata Tea produces 3D
Tata tea premium Republic day 3D technology Deshkijhanki

For the #DeshKiJhanki initiative, the brand adopts a hyper-local strategy to capture the regional motifs of Indian states. 

The flagship brand of Tata Tea, TATA Tea Premium – Desh Ki Chai, launches its #DeshKiJhanki initiative on this Republic Day to honor the significant contributions made by our states to India@75 through an immersive Republic Day parade. According to the brand’s hyper-local strategy, the most recent campaign offers users an immersive experience through a 360-degree view of 3D Jhankis and a powerful narrative that vividly recreates famous moments and events from India’s various states. 

Everyone has the chance to get an immersive experience and enjoy the Republic Day parade from the comfort of their homes thanks to a special audio-visual event. 

The brand has also released a fascinating new Film that weaves together elements of pride, nostalgia, and technology., which serves as a prelude to the virtual parade on January 26th and serves as a pop-up storybook demonstration of the “DeshKiJhanki” concept. The film celebrates the numerous accomplishments of our states that have contributed to India at 75 thanks to its original marching band-inspired musical.  

The following regional motifs of some of the states are captured by the #DeshKiJhanki initiative and are emphasized in their strikingly colorful jhankis:  

• Delhi – The India Gate, a majestic and stupefying sight is located in the heart of New Delhi. In 1982, Delhi hosted India’s first color TV broadcast, which altered the way we see the world. Finally, Delhi’s lifeline. 

• Haryana – Haryana’s Jhanki is a symbol of our growing athletic prowess. The entire nation is proud of its athletes, and Haryana is frequently referred to as India’s medal factory. 

• UP – The Taj Mahal and the Ghats of Benares are on display at the UP Jhanki. The entire nation takes pride in the culture and history of UP. 

• Punjab – The Jhanki in Punjab, along with the well-known Bhakra Nangal Dam, represent the region’s rich farming culture, where the seeds of India’s green revolution were sown. 

Speaking about the campaign, Azazul Haque, Chief Content Officer of India Media Monks, said: “Republic Day Jhankis, the float from various states, is one of the most eagerly anticipated events every year. We all have the same experience, from young children to the very elderly. 

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