Liqvd Asia and Vega collaborate on the #BeGenFree campaign. 

Liqvd Asia and Vega collaborate on the #BeGenFree campaign.
liqud asia vega collaborate BeGenFree

The new initiative celebrates the spirit of freedom and individualism across generations. 

For its #BeGenFree campaign, Liqvd Asia has partnered with the beauty and personal care company Vega

With its assortment of grooming and styling products, the advertising campaign exhorts both men and women to celebrate their individuality. The goal of #BeGenFree is to foster a sense of community where people who enjoy having fun can live confidently and independently. 

Consumers who want to reject stereotypes and adopt every progressive quality shared by all generations in their being, particularly in terms of lifestyle choices, are the target audience for the new messaging. 

“We didn’t want to use pre-existing labels to categorize Vega’s audience. As a result, the phrase “#BeGenFree” was coined, giving Vega a wider audience. All of these social groups are brought together under one roof by this diverse community, according to Anish Varghese, Chief Creative Officer of Liqvd Asia. 

We thought we’d step it up by launching a digital campaign that promotes self-assurance, celebrates individuality, and fosters a sense of community within a free society after the success of our most recent award-winning campaign, “Flaunt your befikar. As a brand, we are taking a “self-focus” stance, which is what inspired the hashtag #BeGenFree. It allows both men and women to express themselves freely. Our intended audience will relate to our premium line of Eiti Singhal, Chief Marketing Officer, Vega, said: “Communication has improved, thanks to Team Liqvd Asia.  

Hair dryers, stylers, and trimmers are just a few of the cutting-edge personal care products that Vega offers, along with other essentials for both genders’ head-to-toe beauty care. 

The #BeGenFree campaign encourages both sexes to use their styling tools in their special way at home, with freedom and self-assurance. 

This is in line with its philosophy of being playful yet fearless and forward-thinking, which also emerged from its recent brand makeover in the form of a new brand logo and visual identity.  

Our constant goal is to encourage consumers to feel confident, at ease, and joyful in their skin. Grooming is the starting point for these feelings. We are thrilled to collaborate with Liqvd Asia, which possesses the know-how and insights necessary to increase brand awareness and consideration. 

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