Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush- the magical molten choco crisp biscuit


Britannia Pure Magic has announced the launch of “Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush” with the release of a new ad film. The newest addition to Britannia’s biscuit brand “Pure Magic” is a luscious crisp biscuit with a magical molten chocolate filling.

Conceptualized by American global advertising and marketing service agency network- “McCann Worldgroup,” the 31-second commercial uses a romantic setting to prove love to be magical, showcasing the purely magical nature of the all-new Chocolush biscuit.

The commercial is directed by Indian screenwriter and actor Jaydeep Sarkar in collaboration with producer Prithvi Luthra- Native Films. The commercial is set to a jazzy tune composed by Indian music composer and singer Clinton Cerejo, and ends with the lyrics, ‘You feel like pure magic.’

Commenting on the launch of Britannia Pure Magic’s darkly delicious and magical ‘Chocolush,’ Sambit Mohanty, Head of Creative, South- McCann Worldgroup, said, “Our film is an ode to those wonder years where Chocolush plays Cupid in bringing two people together.”

The film titled “Terrace” features a young couple watching a movie on a white screen projector. While the boy was just about to munch the choco filled biscuit, the girl beckons him for sharing one. The boy teases her by taking out the last pack from the box and making it magically disappear with an excuse “Oops!”. The boy who already had half of the biscuit in his mouth offers her the other half prompting her to take a bite. But accidentally he takes his hand off the biscuit pack he had magically hidden. She then plays along with yet another “Oops!” and covers the biscuit with her bandana and shares the one he offered.

Britannia Industries Limited is an Indian food and beverage company with a legacy of over 100 years. Founded in 1892 and owned by the Wadia Group, Britannia Biscuits includes brands like Nutrichoice, Good day, Bourbon, Tiger, 50 50, Milk Bikis, Little Hearts and others. Under Britannia’s Pure Magic brand, the FMCG already has a varied range of biscuit offerings including, Pure Magic Vanilla crème biscuit, Pure Magic Milk Choco Deuce and Pure Magic White Choco Deuce.

With “Lots more Choco; Lots more Magic” Britannia Pure Magic Chocolush biscuits come in a 75gram box with 5 individual sealed packs at INR 30. The biscuits will be made available in all major retail stores across the country and can also be purchased through all the leading e-commerce platforms.

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