PredictiVu launches automated Al-powered Dynamic Marketing Optimizer


PredictiVu is an analytical firm in India which mainly focuses on simplifying its marketing strategies which provide interactive insights within a single interface, has recently announced the recent launch of their first-ever centralized next-gen automated Al powered data tool which aids visualization tool titled Dynamic Marketing Optimizer (DMO).

Dynamic Marketing Optimizer, is a tool that is supported by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning which is integrated into India’s one of the leading and largest data set that comprises consumer purchase, web listening and campaign mapping. It is initiated to provide real-time business insight for customer behaviours to CMOS and other marketers in a way that is ten times faster than the other conventional methods available in the market.

DMO is almost connected to more than 75000 retailers with its presence in more than 100+ Indian cities. They also have a unique way of reaching out to more people that is every month they keep on adding 500,000 + consumers who are entirely different from one another. This is designed in such a way that it can offer descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analysis for the marketers to gain informative insights for their campaign competitiveness, to achieve a review about the potential of the company’s market, to increase the dissection of the company’s products, to increase purchase, to convert noise, ad and web into something meaningful.

Mr Kunal Sarkar, the Vice-President of PredictiVu shared that “Marketers fail to design various multi-channel champaigns as they lack real-time meaningful insights and business intelligence. The unexplored capabilities are the ones that limit their marketing decisions which later on can become a challenge for their economic growth. We are so glad to introduce the DMO tool that uses augmented data visualisation. Here we plan to use the smartphone sector for advanced consumer-focused technologies with a large variety of options to drive the digital businesses during this pandemic period. To attain this, we need to be more agile, faster, accurate to achieve this”.

Idi Srinivas Murthy, an SAB member of PredictiVu said that “DMO is one of the largest marketing problems in today’s digital world. The Al-based engine and marketer-friendly platform would amplify their Rol by an additional 25% to 48%.

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