As India unlocks, Bumble, the women’s first social networking app, has launched three new dating filtres to help people express who they want to date around the world.

The latest badges are simulated, socially distanced, or socially distanced with masks. They’ll give the Bumble audience the chance to miss a potentially uncomfortable discussion about how relaxed they’re dating after the lockdown. They would encourage users to pick the kind of dates they want to go on.

Bumble’s latest survey showed that 78% of the group would be entirely pleased to meet in person, even though 69% were worried about COVID-19, which is attributed to a lack of appropriate and safe knowledge in the modern world of dating.

New patterns have arisen as single people in India learn how to tackle this new world of dating. Bumble also found that the dating patterns had improved after the lockdown. There’s been a change to ‘slow dating.’ People take longer to get to know others at a deeper, more intimate level, have higher quality conversations, and use Bumble’s voice and video chat features. In reality, on average, people spend about 20 minutes on video chats or voice calls.

The study also found that 78% of the Bumble population is open to, or has attempted, video dating, and further pointed out that virtual dating is here to stay. The introduction of new badges is one-way Bumble can continue to provide a convenient way for single Indians to interact, as India unlocks and removes tight restrictions across cities.

Priti Joshi, VP, policy, Bumble, said, “Millions of people have joined Bumble around the globe during the lockdown. These new badges will help our group tackle the new dating rules. We hope that they will also promote discussions about how people feel better dating this time. At Bumble, we are committed to providing our society with the resources it needs to communicate with others in a way that feels secure for them.

To add a badge to your Bumble profile, go to ‘Edit Profile’ (bottom left corner) and press ‘Tap Edit Profile’ underneath your photo. If the badge is attached, you can screen out possible matches that have chosen the same dating interests, whether it’s either interactive or IRL.


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