iPhone 11 with free AirPods at a lower rate available in India


Apple launched the iPhone 12 in India, at a price beginning from Rs 69,900. The company substantially lowered the price of the iPhone 11. The price of the iPhone 11 in India has been reduced by Rs 14,000, and now the handset will be available at the cost of Rs 54,900. Not just that, as part of the Diwali bid, Apple is also bundling a free pair of AirPods with the handset, taking its effective price close to Rs 40,000.

Irrespective of how you look at it, this is a fantastic offer on a decent handset, which maintains its charm even after the launch of the iPhone 12 Mini, which has a smaller screen and will start at Rs 69,900. Meanwhile, the iPhone 12 will cost Rs 79,900 in India, while the iPhone 12 Pro phones’ price will launch at Rs 119,900.

Apple is offering the iPhone 11 at Rs 54,900 at the Apple Online Store. If you’re going to trade-in, the price is much lower based on which handset you’re giving back. In that case, the cost of the iPhone 11 could be as low as Rs 35,900. Apple says that the iPhone 11 free AirPods will be available until the stock lasts.

Given today’s price cut, it’s no surprise that Amazon India will soon be offering iPhone 11 for less than Rs 50,000 at its Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale. But right now, here’s the bit. The Apple Online Shop on the iPhone 11 seems to be much better off unless Amazon priced the iPhone 11 close to Rs 45,000 or Rs 40,000 on offer.

The iPhone 11 has an 11-inch screen, a dual-camera setup, the A13 Bionic, which is incredibly fast and, overall, a pretty well-rounded handset. With a price of Rs 54,900, Apple will no longer ship the iPhone 11 retail package to the charging adapter or earphones. This move is part of Apple’s attempt to minimize carbon emissions. The life of luxury Android phones will be more complicated.


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