Havas launches new international network Havas CX


Havas Creative launches Havas CX, a new global network dedicated to delivering significant brand experiences throughout the entire customer journey. It brings over 1,200 people from 20 global agency groups together and native agencies of Havas Creative, also additional CX specialists from across the Havas network, under a typical structure, governance, methodology, and mission.

Havas CX, with main hubs in Paris, London, New York, and Mumbai, will stretch 18 major Havas Villages. It brings together global agency groups including ekino (digital transformation), BETC FullSix (customer experience), Havas Helia (customer engagement), and award-winning industry leaders includes Plastic Havas, Boondoggle, Think Design, Host / Havas and Project House, Gate One, Langoor.

The competitive advantage of Havas CX lies in its ability to combine this deep-rooted, newly coordinated CX knowledge with Havas’ rich insights into modern customers, its ground-breaking Prosumer studies of leading consumers and its X Index – for evaluating and managing (customer experience) and its special, integrated Village model – to create the ability to look at the customer.

Branding of the component agencies will be updated to reflect the new identity of the network. The new network already includes clients such as Reckitt Benckiser, Renault, Maersk, Club Med, Tesco, AbbVie, Airtel, Starbucks, Canal+.

The Havas CX network will be led by Yann Doussot (Global COO), chaired by Chris Hirst (Havas Creative Global CEO), Peter Mears (Global CEO Havas Media Group), Mercedes Erra (Chairwoman BETC FULLSIX), and Donna Murphy (Global CEO Havas Health & You).

Yannick Bolloré, Chairman and CEO of the Havas Group, said: “On having pursued a strategy for the acquisition of state-of-the-art customer engagement agencies over the last few years, we feel the time has come to unify our agencies under a single, global network brand.”

Chris Hirst, Havas Creative’s Global CEO, adds: “as technology advances, almost every conceivable purchase is just a few clicks away, and the opportunities for brands to get it right or wrong are manifold. CX is the new battleground – and the brands that get it right will win, and those that don’t lose; it’s as simple as that.”

The network will be guided by their world-class leaders in France, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Asia, ensuring that that share knowledge, best practice, and capabilities to make the network bigger than the sum of its parts and help their clients build deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers.


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