Burger King India’s new visual identity: First rebrand in over 20 years


Burger King India instigated its first outright rebrand in over 20 years, by launching the new visual identity of brand Burger King. This modern discernible design will veritably represent Burger King values. Starting April 2021, Burger King India is all set to mark its presence at all touchpoints of the guest experience, through this latest visual identity.

The brand, through this announcement, cues its commitment to digital-first expression. Additionally, Burger King India will also be increasingly focusing on their ‘Trust in Taste’ project, which aims at revamping the taste and food quality standards, by removing artificial flavours and synthetic colours.

Burger King strives to rocket their brand loyalty by ensuring guests a comfortable and joyful experience. The brand will be unfurling its new brand logo that goes in line with their ‘big and bold, playfully irreverent, mouth-watering and proudly true’; new visual identity.

This new identity is set to modernize the Burger King food journey by laying impetus on quality and bringing in a new outlook to their restaurant merchandise, menu board, restaurant décor, packaging, crew uniforms and digital and marketing assets.

The visual identity and logo represent realism, in a minimalistic and iconic form, flashing the spotlight on the food offered. With this announcement, Burger King also raises the bar to offer flame-grilling perfection and tasty mouth-watering food. This new approach is bound to leave customers craving for more and make them want to walk back into the restaurant.

The colours used for the logo are unapologetically rich and bold representing the brands flame grilling process and fresh ingredients. The crew uniforms are also carefully designed with distinctive colours and graphics, with a perfect blend of classic and comfortable style.

The latest font used by the brand, ‘Flame’, is inspired by Burger King’s round, bold and yummy food, and reflects the brand’s irreverent personality. The revamped packaging showcases the new brand logo and illustrates ingredients using bold colours.

With this complete rebranding, Burger King also undertakes an aspiring pledge towards environmental sustainability. Within the coming few months, Burger King India plans to implement this new visual identity at restaurant locations across the country.

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