Today, most organizations and companies rely heavily on data, and analyzing data is essential to survive in a fiercely competitive business world. The greatest challenge, however, is finding the best business analytics tools for providing valuable insights. 

The following are our current list of the top 5 best business analytics tools in 2021 – so far – some of which are from startup companies and some established companies.

1.     Cardagraph Platform 

In March, Cardagraph launched its eponymous business productivity software after two years of development and beta testing. Design for business managers, Cardagraph’s SaaS platform provides business data and analytics, especially for those in operations, finance, and marketing roles, aimed at replacing legacy business reporting systems that no longer fit the bill.

Slack, Salesforce, HubSpot, Workfront, Google and many more integrated with Cardagraph software. A later stage involves the use of algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to generate insights that can be helpful for the betterment of the organization. 

Cartagraph Platform allows you to import data from existing software tools you already use. It gathers, organizes, combines, and visualizes the data in real-time, provide new insights. Thus, a business can leverage otherwise irrelevant data and increase productivity and revenue by making informed decisions. Several Fortune 500 customers have validated Cardagraph’s solution. 

2.     Knowi Elevate 

The Knowi Elevate analytics platform was launch by the analytics platform developer Knowi. A goal of the program is to enable sales personnel to access and analyze data. 

Rather than forcing sales staff to log into a separate business analysis tool, Slack lets them access and analyze data from within Slack – wherever it may reside. The platform allows users to ask natural language questions within Slack, generate automatic reports, and receive notifications of changes in their metrics.

3.      Kyligence Cloud 

Kyligence has developed a high-performance, AI-enhanced analytics platform that can process petabytes of data in less than a second. This software base on Apache Kylin, a tool for performing multidimensional analysis on large datasets that is open-source.

Earlier this year, the company launched Kyligence Cloud, its first cloud-native product. Powered by a cloud-native architecture and scalability of compute and storage services, Kyligence Cloud is available on AWS and Microsoft Azure. The cloud version of the software introduces a machine learning engine that utilizes auto-indexing and artificial intelligence to accelerate the program performance.

4.      Ocient 

Ocient, a data analytics company, stores, analyses, and collects structured data. The solution is base on Ocient DAS technology, including analytics software tailored for specific use cases and what the company calls an “ultra-large-scale” relational database with trillions or quadrillions of rows. 

5.      Sisense Fusion 

Sisense is an AI-driven data analytics platform that delivers customized data analysis to customers and employees in easily consumable and actionable formats – what some are calling “data stories”.

SiSense Fusion, introduced in February, combines a scalable, high-performing engine for simplifying complex data analysis, a platform with APIs for building custom analytical experiences, and artificial intelligence technology to automate decision-making.

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