Cadbury is ready for “Acknowledging the Unacknowledged.”


Through its broadcast collaboration with Star Sports, Cadbury Dairy Milk has recognised and praised everyday heroes through its “Acknowledging the Unacknowledged” campaign. If in 2020, the broadcast personnel behind India’s most significant TV event was acknowledged, in IPL 2021, the partnership celebrated people who helped our favourite Indian players succeed.

During TATA IPL 2022, Cadbury Dairy Milk honoured the ground crew, who helped make matches happen and ensured a smooth experience for players and spectators. Cadbury Dairy Milk partnered with Star Sports to enhance its marketing. The cooperation provided several unforgettable moments for MCA ground personnel through various initiatives, including a Meet & Greet event with Indian legend Yuvraj Singh. They spent an evening with the cricketer and received honoured by him. The brand used its broadcast connection with Star Sports on TATA IPL 2022 to promote ‘Acknowledging the Unacknowledged.’

In advance of the campaign, an exclusive promo was broadcast. The video shows MCA workers during TATA IPL 2022. Cadbury Dairy Milk awarded these unsung heroes celebrity treatment, including a team van, 5-star accommodations, and bespoke jerseys by Masaba Gupta. Any international stadium’s grounds crew must repair, maintain, and prepare pitches year-round. First-ever Star Sports segment featured ground worker stories. Members of the MCA ground team were interviewed about their lives and job. The enthusiastic staff described how playing cricket as a child helps them at work, how they work hard to make pitches level and the various problems they confront. These stories aired before TATA IPL 2022 matches, giving ground staff members a national platform to tell their stories.

As part of their broadcast agreement with Star Sports, the MCA ground personnel met with Yuvraj Singh at the Taj President hotel on May 9, 2022. The ceremony honoured Mumbai Cricket Association’s ground workers. This was a once-in-a-lifetime moment for the ground crew, who were overwhelmed at being recognised. Yuvraj Singh also praised his ground personnel. The great ex-cricketer spent time with ground employees chatting, playing box cricket, and praising their work. He also shared a snippet of the occasion on social media, thanking the businesses for recognising and appreciating cricket’s unsung heroes.

The Meet and Greet section was televised on the Star Sports Network to millions of fans before a match. Cadbury Dairy Milk has once again used the broadcast to honour unsung sports heroes and offer smiles to millions of people.

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