Camera Marketing, a potential component of social media marketing


Camera Marketing is an emerging tech-marketing technique in the world of digital and social media marketing. It will soon develop as one of the most demanding tools in the marketer’s kit.

Camera Marketing is the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) through camera lenses and other similar technologies to virtually create life-like experiences.

Sahil Shah, WATConsult Managing Partner, commented that adoption of AR technology in India is seen highest amongst the consumers. He further added that camera marketing offers enormous ways that catalyze the growth of brands.

Some examples are makeup brands that can virtually apply makeup and IPL brands spreading awareness through campaigns.

The social media platforms like Snapchat & Instagram introduced the AR camera technique by providing endless filters in their camera apps. Facebook & TikTok and their Indian counterparts have boosted it up.

Ritesh Ujjwal, Founder of Kofluence, added that India has started to experience the endless opportunities offered by camera marketing like image recognition, online virtual search options, branded filters, etc., in the digital marketing landscape.

Social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Sharechat, Moj, Chingari, MX Takatak, etc., have catalyzed the growth of camera marketing.

According to Ujjwal, some of the popular camera integration techniques used by these brands include the search optimization of Google lens, virtual visualization of IKEA Place, AR overlays of Snapchat, and the experiential retail functionalities of Lenskart.

As per Reportlinker, an AI-driven market intelligence platform, the Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality Market of India is predicted to grow at a CAGR north of 35% till the mid of this decade. The growth of the India AR &VR market in 2020 stood at USD1.83 billion.

Manesh Swamy, Logicserve Digital Sr VP – Creative, Social, PR, Marcom, find that Instagram is currently leading the camera marketing in India. But, Snapchat was the pioneer in inaugurating camera marketing in India.

He further added that big brands in FMCG, fashion, and automotive segments, are creating unique experiences for their fans through AR&VR technologies.

Thus, AI & VR industries are moving towards gigantic growth paving a great future for camera marketing as well as in the fields of digital and social media marketing.

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