Chingari collaborated with Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute


Chingari has partnered with Terence Lewis professional training Institute. This partnership mainly concentrated on the growth of dance as art among all age groups. With this combination, both the Chingari’s huge content creators and TLPTI’s talented and expert dancers and the training programs, all the young experts will be beneficial from it.

Chingari is an entertainment app that is a unique and entertaining short video app where we can create engaging videos and share them. We can generate original videos, dance to your choice tunes, playful and exciting AR filters, short videos with favorite songs and dialogues. It is an easy-to-use interface that helps people explore their favorite content at their fingertips.

Terence Lewis Professional Training Institute is the country’s most famous and alleged dance organization. It performs with professional excellence in exploring dance in multiple forms such as educational, artistic, and others. It always aims constantly for greater efficiency and customer satisfaction.

CEO of Chingari said, we continuously focus on providing value to the creators, not just for the entertainment. Chingari has developed to aid the growth of the different forms in the country. Majorly focused on how people in the country take away the other form of the learning platform. It will not just focus on creating entertainment content.

TLPTI has to be a forerunner as the dance education in India for over 23 years. It also works with professional excellence in exploring the dance in various forms. They believe in spreading wellness through dance for all levels and ages.

Chief Choreographer of TLPTI stated, Terence Lewis Dance company and institute is one of the foremost companies in the dance world. With this association with Chingari, we can widen our outreach as that we can able to bring all age groups and every individual from all walks of life. We expect to resonate with all of you -our dear users of the Chingari App.

Chingari has a long record of providing to the informational, freedom, and creative interests of the Indian market by implementing value-added content. Through our videos on Chingari, we promise to bring you a wide variety of Dance styles, exposure to different levels of Dancing- from absolute beginners to advanced, plenty of possibilities for Dance lovers- both known and nonprofessional and make staying Fit and Happy for ALL.

It seeks to be more than just the most popular social networking app in the country; it also wants to be the most helpful platform for artists.

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