Can You #BeTheBetterGuy?: Hyundai Road Safety Campaign


Hyundai Motors India has announced the commencement of phase four of its #BeTheBetterGuy initiative. Through this, the company hopes to spread the message and importance of road safety. The campaign aims to highlight safe practices that are to be followed while driving through engaging content to bring a behavioral change to the stakeholders.  The campaign which has been running since 2016 has been highlighting the need to maintain safe driving habits such as staying within speed limits, avoiding the use of mobile phones while driving, using a seatbelt, avoiding drunken driving, discouraging underaged driving, and pedestrian safety.

But with the general population living in the time of the COVID pandemic, it is necessary for drivers and passengers to observe some extra safety measures which are what phase four of this campaign hopes to promote. The campaign advocates maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and periodic sanitation of the car itself. SS Kim, MD & CEO for Hyundai Motor India Limited, said that realizing the vision of ‘Progress for Humanity’, Hyundai is committed to promoting unique social messages that can be used to form Road Safety habits amongst individuals. Since 2016, the #BeTheBetterGuy campaign has become an instrumental tool for generating much-needed attention towards Road Safety. In the New Normal where personal mobility is being encouraged, it becomes even more important to educate the millennial generation about road safety.

The Be The Better Guy campaign reminds the general public of the following mindsets, rules, and best practices.

Seat Belt Safety: Using the seat belt every time u get into the car becomes reflexive once the habit is formed. A seat belt is an essential safety feature to hold the driver and passengers in place at the time of an accident.

Lane Driving: Drivers must choose a lane and stick to it. When changing lanes it is important to use indicators and merge into the next lane in a considerate manner.

Mobile Phones Can Wait: The use of mobile phones while driving should be avoided as they can be distracting and can cause accidents.

Speeding: Stick to the speed limit and be extra cautious in residential and densely populated areas.  


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