Cannes Lions 2022 Blog: Day 5 – How do to Cannes, when in Cannes?


Guest author, Harah Shah writes a guide from a first timer at Cannes Lions for a first timer attending the festival.  

The fifth day at Cannes Lions was emotional for me. It began with becoming India’s largest-ever haul and concluded with us winning the much sought-after title of “Agency Of The Year.” 

I needed to remove it. Let’s not discuss advertising now that it has been completed. Let’s avoid discussing campaigns or metals. This one concerns you. This one focuses on what to do in Cannes. Consider it a beginner’s guide to Cannes written by a beginner. 

1. Make reservations as soon as possible: If you know you’ve had a great year and Cannes to Banta hai, make reservations as soon as possible. Hotels are pricey and sparse. 9 out of 10 times, you’ll be living in an apartment. When you do, you must make sure it is as close as possible to The Palais, the Cannes venue.  

2. Put on your walking shoes because you must walk in Cannes. Then you go for a walk. You proceed to walk once more. As you grow weary, you walk. Walking when inebriated. 

3. If at all possible, schedule your airport pickup and drop-off in advance. Here, taxis are EXPENSIVE. The luxury of using an Uber, regardless of the cost, will make you at least $1,000 poorer.  

4. Don’t try to immerse yourself in the culture too quickly: A first-time visitor should avoid taking the train or bus from the airport. Within 30 minutes of being in France, I met a couple of folks who had stolen hundreds of euros. 

5. Plan your sessions using the festival app, which you should download. Knowing the sessions you want to cover can help you move quickly and feel less worn out. 

6. Attend every branded beach house: There are lots of enjoyable events taking place outside the Palais as well. The majority of these companies with beachfront homes also have some awesome merchandise. 

7. Take your nation’s flag with you if you win large. If you don’t have it, you will regret it. 

8. Reserve at least one evening for a wonderful beach day. In the first two days, try to do it. I apologise that I entirely missed this. 

Take a power bank with you. Although your batteries won’t be in the mood, you’ll want to snap images and videos. 

Hope this was helpful. Next year, you’ll see. 

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