Care Health Insurance introduces innovative triple-advantage Care Shield


The Care Health insurance announced the launch of its product, Care shields. The new product takes into account rising inflation, helps in the coverage of certain medical expenses as well as safeguarding the No Claim Bonus (NCB) benefit from lapsing in case of moderate claims of up to 25 percent of the sum insured.

The Founding Managing Director and CEO Anuj Gulati said that the medical cost keeps rising each year due to yearly inflationary pressure. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has only made the situation worst. Moreover, there are certain health care items and consumables that are important but excluded by insurance policies and also added the third factor for the policyholder is that their No claim Bonus benefit could lapse in case of small claims. The care shield product is an innovative solution that protects the company customer from the above-mentioned concerns.

The company said that among the highlighted benefits of the product it also takes in to account the rising costs of treatment caused by inflation which affect the ability of patients to afford the medical care in the future, therefore the policyholders can increase their existing policy sum assured or buy new policies for keeping the coverage at par with costs arising from inflation.

Once Care Shield is added to a policy, it increases the sum insured at the time of renewal as per the CPI inflation rate for the previous policy year declared by the competent government authorities. This will ensure that the customer’s policy sum insured is adequate to meet future treatment expenses.

Claim Shield feature provides coverage for these. 60-plus items such as belts, braces, buds, crepe bandages, gloves, leggings, masks, oxygen mask, spirometer, thermometer, ambulance equipment in case of hospitalization, while other health insurance generally won’t cover it in the policy and its other feature is No Claim Bonus Shield, a reward is given to policyholders during renewal in case No Hospitalization Claim is registered for the policy in the previous year.

The Care health insurance aims to help its customer in ensuring access to quality healthcare, beyond hospitalization, the insurer has included preventive health check-ups, wellness, doctor consultations, diagnostics, and home care.


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