Case Study: Segmentation put to use by Ralph Lauren


Ralph Lauren has put segmentation to the use to reignite brand love. This was because a lack of customer base was being overshadowed by Ralph Lauren’s claim to construct dreams, not clothes.

Ralph Lauren is a one-of-its-kind American fashion brand founded and owned by the legend himself. Even though it has the luxurious quality of Americanised attires, it started out making rags into ties, which stands true to the phrase “rags-to-riches”.

However, margins and the image of the brand were being rusted by never-ending discounts used to leverage sales. Customer interaction was nowhere near the customer, but around Ralph Lauren’s necessity to hit those weekly sales targets.

To overcome this, the brand collaborated with Code Worldwide and RAPP to metamorphose the traditional business into a data-oriented one. Hence through this, they planned to reignite the love for Ralph Lauren and regaining the brand with pertinence, rather than discounts. The crux of this scheme was to aid Ralph Lauren to comprehend its customers.

However, the project was alone because it had its challenges, including the necessity to overcome historic data that was segmented only by gender, that fact that even though being the first luxury brand to step into e-commerce, it is strange that Ralph Lauren has not developed an online mobile platform to shop.

This was accomplished by initiating to transform the way it collects and uses data. The task was to override discounts with relevance by developing hyper-personalized customer satisfaction. They had an approach to segmentation and it was called 4D, where the focus was on the valuable merit of customers. Instead of a traditional walk on the ramp, Ralph Lauren presented a virtual fashion show in Central Park’s Cherry Hill. The audience witnessed a 4D holographic show cast onto a huge water-screen.

This virtual show portrayed models walking on top of the water in a variety of locations – The Brooklyn Bridge, The West Village, and The High Line – in about 10 minutes. Ralph Lauren commented that he wanted to do something big for the latest Polo Women’s brand, something that was in the city to feel modern.

The outcome was crystal-clear and that led Ralph Lauren to be prized the award for best use of segmentation at the 2020 Marketing Week Masters Awards.

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