CASHe partners with Haptik to launch automated instant credit disbursals on WhatsApp

CASHe partners with Haptik
CASHe partners with Haptik

November 29, 2022, Mumbai: Jio Haptik Technologies Limited (Haptik), the world’s largest WhatsApp chatbot solution provider, today announced it has partnered with CASHe, India’s leading financial wellness platform to enable an industry-first automated instant credit line disbursals on WhatsApp.

The overriding technology powering this solution is Haptik’s advanced Conversational Commerce capabilities and CASHe’s AI-powered bot that matches the user’s inputs and automatically facilitates a formal application, along with a Know-Your-Customer (KYC) check. Once verified, it sets up a credit line in a few clicks through a guided conversational flow. The user’s details are generated and displayed based on the name entered – the only key input that the borrower needs to enter at the start of the conversation

The WhatsApp chatbot is a one-stop, end-to-end solution for young professionals who can access instance credit. Users can connect with CASHe on WhatsApp at +918097553191.

Here’s a demo of how the CASHe WhatsApp Bot offers a seamless borrowing experience by understanding loan eligibility, loan application approval, document verification, and loan disbursal.

Swapan Rajdev, Co-founder and CTO, Haptik, said: “Brands today need to be on WhatsApp. Haptik is pleased to be partnering with CASHe, India’s leading financial wellness platform, with the aim of helping borrowers get access to loans and credit seamlessly and in under a minute. The CASHe WhatsApp bot, powered by Haptik, offers users a smooth onboarding and borrowing experience that includes instant verification, document upload, automated underwriting, and more importantly, quick loan disbursal. Since going live with our WhatsApp bot, CASHe has witnessed 50,000+ credit line issuances, more than INR 25 Cr in loan disbursals, and more.”

Yashoraj Tyagi, CTO & CBO, CASHe, said, “We are happy to partner with Haptik to offer a unique digital experience for our customers by integrating our services into WhatsApp, a popular platform that is already familiar and frequented by millions of its users. CASHe and the team at Haptik developed a WhatsApp native comprehensive loan processing and disbursal module that allows users to interact within WhatsApp without having to leave the platform. With this solution on offer, we have successfully pivoted our credit model to adapt to the shifts in the lending space by offering instant sachet loans to existing and prospective borrowers through an engaging and conversational flow. The digital assistant on WhatsApp helps us to reach out to new customers and support the existing ones. We are very excited about the prospects that lie ahead of us.” 

Within months of launch, Haptik’s WhatsApp chatbot solution for CASHe has witnessed exponential growth in daily conversations and is set to scale higher. 


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