CavinKare launches ‘SaaFoo’ washes to clean vegetable, fruit & meat


CavinKare reveals the launch of the brand SaaFoo cleaner for vegetables and fruits in an easy to use sachet format. Most of the households in India are continuing to depend on plain water for the cleaning purpose of fresh products, the sachet format of SaaFoo products has been introduced in the market to helps consumers to maintain effective cleansing practices of food.

Food safety and hygiene have gathered more prominence than ever with the onset of COVID-19. For providing more hygiene solutions, FMCG major CavinKare recently launched brand SaaFoo which lines a range of wash to remove surface contaminants off vegetables, fruits, and meat.

Indian actress Nadiya will be the brand ambassador for SaaFoo, which helps in further reaching the households and emphasize safe food consumption practices across the country. With intuition into the day-to-day food safety needs of the consumers and backed by strong research, CavinKare is India’s first consumer brand to launch a cleansing liquid specifically made for meat & seafood. 

SaaFoo washes have been designed to carefully remove the germs, chemicals & pesticides that could be carried accidentally in the food we consume. The products are made with 100% Food Grade Ingredients and leave no other taste post-cleansing. The campaign contains an informative television advertisement that outlines the importance of cleaning fresh products with specialized solutions. SaaFoo will help in removing dust, dirt, germs, chemicals, and pesticides that could be carried out in the food we consume.

SaaFoo products have been introduced in the market to aid consumers to maintain effective cleaning practices during this pandemic. The ingredients contained in SaaFoo are Apple Cider Vinegar, Neem, Salt, and Turmeric which are well known for their anti-microbial properties.

SaaFoo vegetables & fruits wash of 500 ml is priced at Rs.99 and SaaFoo Meat Wash of 500 ml is priced at Rs.120 across the retail outlets, Kirana stores, and e-commerce platforms in the country. As the COVID-19 pandemic made us all mandate social distancing, it is also important to take care of the food we are consuming. The virus and germs can be transmitted through several ways which may affect you in the absence of not taking care of it. By using hygiene products as SaaFoo will help in avoiding such health issues.


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