Fassos launched a new campaign: ‘#BoreNoMore’


Rebel Foods has declared a new campaign for its food brand Faasos. The only vertically unified food business in India and operates all 3 stages of food on-demand business. It was first launched in Pune in 2003.

The first-ever above the line brand campaign ‘#BoreNoMore’ by Fasssos exhibit young people’s preference to try something thrilling and beyond the usual one. As part of the campaign, the company concentrated on its Signature Wraps which is a meal by itself and essentially exotic in between meals option, bursting with the unexpected and flavourful blend.

The campaign mainly aims for the youth stuck in the lockdown bored of eating the same food for a couple of days. The film starts with the wife looking at a Faasos advertisement that pops up on her laptop and getting excited to eat something out of the ordinary. She steps out to the room to ask her partner, ‘Aaj khaane me wahi?’. He replies, yes! After a couple of times, the husband excitedly replies, No! And brings his arms out from behind his back for revealing two Faasos signature wraps. The girl receives a massive smile on her face, and her eyes mild up with excitement.

This lockdown has made people stay home, which leads to having the same food for several days. Mainly the youth were fed up having ordinary food and they were thrilled to try something new and special. This campaign will strike out the mindset of youth who were living monotonously due to the pandemic.

Rebel Foods has always trying to make the simplest of our consumer experiences, fun and memorable. The idea behind this advertisement was to pull out the consumers from their boring lives due to the lockdown and extend our EAT.SURE promise of safety with full flavour, care, and hygiene to them. Wunderman team led by Samarth & Ajeeta has done a beautiful job of conveying the message to the consumers in a creative way.

Most of the Indians are foodies and the strategy was to target the couples and indulge them with Fasoos Signature Rolls. The new Rolls comes with a variety of international and Indian flavours along with 12 great recipes.


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