The Times of India launches a new campaign: #NewspaperMornings


India’s largest English newspaper, The Times of India, launched a beautiful epic to #NewspaperMornings that highlights the power of printed words and its close relationship with its readers. The morning tea feels incomplete without the newspaper, this is how the latest film by the leading English-language national daily The Times of India opens.

The poetry #NewspaperMornings is written by and portraited by poet Gulzar and unfold in the intimate relationship a reader shares with his or her newspapers. Sharing the film on social media, Times of India wrote, “Newspapers don’t just bring us news and views every morning, they give us the power to create our judgments, which shows an intimate relationship with our newspapers.

We have an intimate relationship with our newspapers. Sometimes a companion with the morning ’chai’, feeding our crave for intense debate, and sometimes a discovery of the new and unknown. The pleasure of reading a newspaper is in the intensity of the words that are printed, not its decibel.

The campaign #NewspaperMornings exhibit the close relationship that a newspaper has with its readers as the reader holds it, folds the pages, and engage oneself in the tray of news. Across the world, newspapers are the most trusted source of news, and our readers are already aware of that. Reading a newspaper is not simply flipping through pages. We all have our unique way of reading the newspapers, some sit on a table, some lean back on the floor, some start from the front page, and some from the reverse.

 During this pandemic access to accurate information is critical and the newspapers play an important role in bringing unbiased and authentic news to ensure the relationship with readers. Newspapers have always enabled trustworthy and perceptive journalism that prints out the truth without fear or favor.

The beauty of reading a newspaper is an intimate and uninterrupted immersion into news, that is both relaxing and intense depending on the pace of its reader. The poetry narrates this experience from the eyes of a reader. The film featuring Gulzar’s poem is available on Time of India’s digital and social media handles. The campaign will be further expanded across television, OTT, and digital platforms.


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