Channel V’s safety app ‘VithU’ rolls out The Seatbelt Crew campaign with transgenders


May 13, 2014: Channel V as part of promoting its safet app ‘VithU’ targeted at motorists reminding them of the importance of wearing safety belts have rolled out a campaign featuring transgenders. The ad film created by Ogilvy Mumbai and created by Abhijit Avasthi and Rajiv Rao is written by Francis Thomas. The film titled ‘The Seatbelt Crew’ shows transgenders dressed like airline crew demonstrating the importance of seat belt at traffic signals.

According to the agency, transgenders were used in the film to create buzz and grab attention. The Indian transgenders also known as Hijras in the film demonstrate the use of car safety belt like it is done in the flight safety demo before take off on an aircraft. Hijras are one of the most common faces in traffic signals in cities and this is the first time that an agency is using them to educate the reckless motorists of India. The film which has gone viral since its release is gaining a lot of likes and shares in the social media.

Watch the ‘VithU’ The Seatbelt Crew campaign here

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