College Vidya’s New Campaign Featuring Atul Srivastava Touches the Hearts of Every Parent.

College Vidya - Image - New Campaign with Atul Srivastava
College Vidya's New Campaign Featuring Atul Srivastava Touches the Hearts of Every Parent

India, September 2023: Every parent wants to give their child the best life has to offer, be it love, comfort, or education. And no one knows this better than College Vidya. In their latest campaign, College Vidya, a one-stop solution for making informed online education choices, aims to convey the deepest emotions of a parent’s love for their child.

Titled “Har middle-class baap ka sapna hoga sach” the heartwarming video captures the true essence of the campaign – The Desire to Provide the Best for Your Child. It showcases the journey of a father, played by the talented actor Atul Srivastava, and his dedication to providing his child with the best education.

The video captures how in most cases the parents get their children admitted to online courses without checking for the university’s government approval, ranking, placement score, student reviews, and most importantly the validity of the course.  The video highlights how important it is to consult an expert when choosing a course to provide the correct direction towards a successful career. It aims to inform its audience about how College Vidya provides students with the best options to explore within their interests and budget while having access to other student’s reviews, ratings, and placements. The video is a tribute to the unconditional love that every parent holds in their hearts for their child.

Whilst highlighting the well-intentioned decisions parents want to make for the education of their child, the video highlights another flip side of it- the way these decisions often get tainted by opinions and suggestions by friends and family, steering them towards choices not best suited for their child. In this light, the importance of professional guidance from experts to make informed educational choices is paramount, a theme explored by College Vidya in the past as well through its social experiments and surveys on students’ choices for higher education.

The campaign, which was released on their official YouTube channel, is continuously garnering a lot of attention and appreciation from audiences across the country. It has touched the hearts of parents, students, and education enthusiasts alike.

Speaking about the campaign, Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder and COO of College Vidya said, “Our aim was to convey the immense love and dedication of every parent towards their child’s education. It is a universal emotion that every parent can relate to, and we wanted to showcase it through our campaign. We are grateful to Mr. Atul Srivastava for being a part of this project and bringing our vision to life”

College Vidya’s new campaign has managed to strike a chord with viewers and captured the very essence of parenthood. It is a reminder that a parent’s love knows no bounds and is always striving to provide the best for their child. College Vidya is proud to play a role in this journey, helping parents make well-informed decisions about their child’s education
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